3 Pcs Food Clips Set - #BS40627

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3 Pcs Food Clips Set - #BS40627
  • Food clips are one of those things you never have enough.
  • LOCK IN FRESHNESS - Keep your snacks, bread, potato chips, nuts, pet food, or left-overs fresh, crunchy and great tasting longer with these colorful bag clips.
  • No need to keep on using twist ties and bag closures that never seem to do the trick!
  • No more, stale bread, chips and freezer burned items.
  • These durable kitchen clips are your solution!
  • Equipped with a durable spring mechanism that is made to last, with a ribbed end and wide mouth, these clips will keep air from getting in while holding the bag tightly closed.
  • At Baker's Secret we know how important it is to you to keep food fresh and keep your busy life organized.