Baker's Secret Pure Aluminum Insulated Baking PAN - 16x14x0.9 Inch # BS10420 In Stock

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Pure Aluminum Insulated Baking PAN - 16x14x0.9 Inch, 1mm:
  • Cookie baking sheets for oven perfect every time: The air-insulated technology makes it easier to prevent over-browning of the cookie bottom.
  • We developed different lines with the same idea of baking perfection in mind.
  • Bake the perfect cookie every time.
  • Premium Heat Distribution: Our cookie sheets for baking feature a proprietary insulated design, making it an even greater pleasure to bake cookies and roast some delicious desserts.
  • Your cookies or others will bake evenly on the surface, effortless to serve.
  • Get the best cookie baking sheets: Since 1972, cooking sheets for oven bakeware brands.
  • We love baking, cooking, and sharing.
  • Our baking pans will resist up to 450¡F without warping.
  • An insulated pan built to last: Our baking sheet insulated is made of thick aluminum, built to last a lifetime.
  • Extra-durable thick aluminum, PFOA free, PTFE free, BPA free, Cadmium free, you are all set for safe and peaceful baking.
  • Thanks to our non-stick proprietary coating, no extra fat is needed and Baker’s Secret products are easy to clean.
  • Here for you: At Baker's Secret, we stand by our products.